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Selected Videos

Dan Dugan in his laboratory:

Eli Adler shot this visit to Dan Dugan's lab, where Dan tells a brief story about how the Dugan automixer was developed. It ends with a 2-minute "PA feedback" demonstration, which is also available in a separate two-minute video just below.

Emmy Award:

Demonstration of Gain Sharing Automixing Using PA feedback, two minutes

Emmy Award Acceptance Speech, 2020

Some Yamaha videos:

The Commercial Dan calls "The Man from Dugan" (Dan's favorite!)

Formal introduction to Dugan-MY16 card for Yamaha digital mixers

Formal introduction to Dugan automixing built into Yamaha QL-series

Dan Dugan tells the story of the development of the Automatic Microphone Mixer (AES Oral History)

Introduction of Dugan Automixing in Sound Devices 688:

The CBS Late Night with David Letterman video:

Standard Definition video showing Models D and D-1 in action 2001

European Application Videos:

If you could play the following two videos side-by-side, you could A-B compare the effect of Dugan automixing.

Panel Discussion with no automixing

Panel Discussion with Dugan automixing

Netherlands TV interview with football player

And some rAVe videos from trade shows:

ISE 2015 introducing Models M, N & K

InfoComm 2014 introducing Model E-2